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15th October 2014

On Monday, October 13, 2014 the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office, represented by Dispatch Supervisor Beryl Wernberg and Chief Deputy Ernie Beitel were visited by the members of the Bemidji Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union employee's as part of their "Plus it Forward" campaign.  Even the smallest acts of kindness can have positive ripple effects and can add up to something great. When you do something nice for someone else, you can significantly improve their day and inspire them to help others. Plus It Forward cards are a fun way to create a culture of kindness and generosity in your community. Do something nice for someone else today and encourage them to Plus It Forward. Visit www.plusitforward.org to print a plus it forward card.

 How It Works

 "Plussing It Forward" is easy. First, do something considerate for someone else and then share your story online. When you write your story, you can enter your card code to track the ripple effect of your kindness. Then give away your Plus It Forward card to challenge others to follow your example. Inspired by a Commitment to Community The Plus It Forward movement was founded by members of Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. Affinity Plus is a Minnesota-based financial cooperative that believes in putting people first.

14th October 2014

Pets and their people now have a new place to play.  The Bemidji Parks and Trail Commission and the Nymore Dog Park Committee celebrated the completion of the Nymore Dog Park this (Tuesday) afternoon.  The park on Miles Avenue includes a small dog area and a large dog area.  Marcia Larson, City Parks and Recreation Director, said that she is excited about the park and excited for the people who worked hard to bring this amenity to the city parks system.  The Nymore Dog Park Committee raised over $15,000 to help make the park a reality with the City of Bemidji contributing $20,000.  Along with the small and large dog areas, the park has benches and other amenities, including a water fountain for people and a doggy water fountain.  A special Halloween event is planned at the park October 23rd.  The Bark N' Boo event includes a costme contest.  For more information or to sign up to participate, contact the City Parks and Recreation Department.

10th October 2014

A missing duck hunter near Mille Lacs Lake forced to spend the night in the woods is a good reminder that anyone spending time outdoors should know wilderness survival basics, said an official with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  A recent news release from the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office said that 76-year-old Glenn Huff of Garrison had become disoriented while hunting and was unsure of his whereabouts. Rather than wander aimlessly, Huff then “hunkered down with his dog for the night, and at first light started to make his way back to his vehicle.” The following morning Huff and the dog met up with sheriff’s office deputies who reported Huff in excellent condition following the incident. “That incident is a good reminder that anyone can get lost in the woods, including hunters,” said acting Capt. John Paurus, DNR enforcement education program coordinator.

Panic is an enemy for those who get lost. They should remember the acronym S.T.O.P.

SIT: They should collect their thoughts and realize they are not lost; they just can’t find camp or vehicle.THINK: What do they have at their disposal both physical and mental that can help them in this situation? Inventory survival kit and start to develop a plan.OBSERVE: Look around, is there shelter, water, an open area where searchers could see them?PLAN: Create a plan of action. Pick a spot that to build a fire for heat and signaling. In addition, can the spot provide basic shelter?

A basic survival kit can be packed into a quart zip-lock bag and should contain the following:

Basic shelter materials: Two 55 gallon garbage bags and 30 feet of braided mason’s line.Means to start a fire: Disposable lighter, waterproof matches or matches stored in a waterproof container, or 10 feet of toilet paper or Petroleum Jelly soaked cotton balls in a waterproof container.Means of signaling: Whistle, signal mirror (could be an old CD). A fire is also a signal.Means of knowing direction: A compass.Comfort food: Food bar, nuts or trail mix.

Anytime people head outdoors they should plan for the unexpected and be prepared to spend the night in the woods. Here are some musts before heading out. Always let someone know the destination and return plan.Carry a compass or GPS and know how to use it.Carry a basic survival and first-aid kit.Carry a cell phone.Check the weather and dress for it.

9th October 2014

During a special session last night, the Bemidji School Board approved a plan to for how to accommodate the districts growing elementary-aged student population if the November 4th referendum is not passed by voters. In a unanimous vote, the board agreed to reconfigure grade levels, moving the 8th grade to the high school and 5th graders to Bemidji Middle School. This board action directs district staff to start working to reconfigure the grade levels. The reconfiguration will not occur if the two questions on the November ballot pass. The questions would authorize the construction and operation of a 4th and 5th grade elementary school.  To learn more about the questions on the November ballot, visit the Bemidji Proud website http://www.bemidjiproud.com/

3rd October 2014

Recently the Beltrami County Recorder's Office has been contacted by county homeowners who have been the recipients of a mailing that looks like an official government document advising the "State Record Regulation Department" suggests all homeowners obtain a copy of their current Grant Deed.  This company charges $87.00 to obtain your deed for you.  This company claims to be the "Record Retrieval Department" at 11436 Marketplace Drive N, Division 101, Champlin, MN  55316.

Our County Recorder's Office will print a copy of your deed for you for $1.00 if you make a request directly to the County.

Once again, the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office would like to remind folks to ignore solicitations from any company, agency, department or entity who you have not sought out yourself and with whom you are familiar.  If you haven't contacted the entity for your own purposes do not fall victim to any unsolicited contact from any entity who wants your information, identity or your money.

1st October 2014
For the first time, 13 Minnesota utilities are joining forces to fight back against scams.  Reports of phone and email billing scams targeting Minnesota utility customers are increasing at an alarming rate, representing thousands of dollars lost by customer victims. In an effort to shut down scammers, the Minnesota utility coalition today launched “Slam the Scam,” an awareness campaign aimed at warning customers and preventing scams.  The coalition is encouraging customers who think they are being targeted by a scammer to simply end the conversation – “slam” down the phone.  Protecting personal and financial customer data is a top priority for utilities, and they are working to provide solutions to protect the public from scams. Utilities want customers to know how to identify a scam. If they are behind on their bills, they will receive a written notice before service disconnection. Customers who have not received a disconnection notice in the mail should not engage anyone on the phone or by email demanding to take payment. Instead, customers should hang up and contact their respective utilities to verify account status and report the attempted scam. They are also encouraged to report the incident to local law enforcement.

30th September 2014

Bemidji Police are looking for information on a Monday morning burglary where a large number of quarters were stolen. During the early morning hours of September 29, 2014 the Bemidji Police Department took a report of a burglary in which about $600 in quarters were taken along with the container; a gray 5 gallon bucket that said “Ridgeway 2” on it. Local businesses are encouraged to contact the Bemidji Police Department if a customer attempts to make a large purchase using only quarters.

29th September 2014

With winter coming, the Minnesota Department of Transportation encourages residents to get their mailboxes ready for the change in the weather.  For the upcoming winter season, residents are responsible for the care and replacement of a damaged mailbox unless it was directly hit by a snowplow. Minnesota Statute 169.072 cites that mailboxes along state highways need to conform to location and breakaway standards. These standards are available at the following web page: http://www.dot.state.mn.us/stateaid/trafficsafety/safety/mailboxes.pdf  Often when damage occurs, it is the result of mailboxes not conforming to these requirements. This is often caused by rusting mailboxes or posts that do not stand up to the snow thrown by plows.  MnDOT follows up on all mailbox damage complaints and appreciates cooperation from mailbox owners when investigating damages. Mailbox damage found to be caused by a direct snowplow collision will be repaired by MnDOT. Repairs may take time due to snow removal and other regular maintenance activities.

26th September 2014

Dwight Thomas Jones, of Cass Lake, Minnesota was arrested without incident tonight, Friday September 26, 2014 at 9:59 PM at a residence in the 4300 block of Luomas Ln SE in southeasten Beltrami County.  The arrest took place in the in the Allen's Bay neighborhood where the original altercation occurred.  The investigation will continue and charges are pending upon reviewal by the Beltrami County Attorney's Office. The Headwaters SWAT Team was assisted in this arrest by the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office and the Minnesota State Patrol. The Beltrami County Sheriff's Office thanks all of those who assisted in locating and arresting Jones.

Just after midnight on September 26, 2014, Beltrami County Sheriff’s office responded to a shots fired call at the Allen’s Bay neighborhood northwest of Cass Lake.  Christopher Alex Romero, 22, White Earth, MN was found suffering a gunshot wound to the leg and Edward Manuel Romero, 23, White Earth, MN, was found with injuries from a beating.  Deputies and Investigators worked through the night learning this involved a debt the Romero’s were attempting to collect from the suspects and a squabble over Facebook postings.  Cory Walter Jones was taken into custody at the scene by officers on serious assault and felon in possession of a firearm charges and transported to Beltrami County Jail. Dwight Thomas Jones, 39, of Cass Lake, Minnesota, fled the scene.  He was wanted for questioning in connection with the assult.

12th September 2014

Zebra mussels have been confirmed in Cass Lake. According to the Department of Natural Resources, a citizen discovered the zebra mussels earlier in the week while collecting shells on the beach on the southeast corner of Cedar Island. Samples were collected and tested by the DNR. Following the identification, DNR staff conducted a search on Cass Lake around the northwest and southeast points of Cedar Island. The crew inspected more than 200 items along 565 feet of shoreline and 2,500 square feet of lake habitat and found zebra mussels in a variety of sizes. DNR officials say this is the first confirmed adult zebra mussel find in the Bemidji area. Cass Lake will be designated as zebra mussel infested. The reach of the Mississippi River between Cass Lake and Lake Winnibigoshish will also be designated as zebra mussel waters with this discovery. Lake Winnibigoshish was designated as infested with zebra mussels in 2013 due to the discovery of zebra mussel veligers. Buck Lake, Andrusia Lake, Wolf Lake, Pike Bay, Pug Hole Lake, Kitchi Lake, Little Rice Lake and Big Rice Lake and their respective connecting rivers will also be designated as zebra mussel infested. While no zebra mussels have been found in these lakes, they are heavily used by boaters traveling from Cass Lake. The DNR reminds everyone that preventing the spread of invasive species takes personal responsibility. Before leaving any water access or shoreland boaters must remove all aquatic vegetation, dispose of bait, drain water by removing drain plugs and keep drain plugs out while transporting watercraft. More information is available on the DNR website at www.mndnr.gov/ais.

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